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Gastronomic Restaurant

Etoile Michelin

Chef Romain Masset

The Hôtel Marinca***** & Spa is honoured to announce the arrival of its new Chef Romain Masset as head of the gastronomic restaurant La Verrière.

Chef Romain Masset inherited his passion for cooking from his grandparents, who used to prepare family meals.

He then honed his culinary skills with renowned chefs: Louis Grondard at Drouant, Yannick Franques at Château Saint Martin, and Restaurant Régis and Jacques Marcon.

Keen to put his work to the test, he became a MOF finalist in 2018 and 3rd at the BOCUSE France 2019.

He arrived in Corsica two years ago out of a desire to make the terroir his own and earned his first Michelin star in 2022.

Romain Masset is now looking forward to taking on this new challenge to promote La Verrière throughout Corsica.

His vision: to sublimate the dishes without altering the product.

In his perpetual quest to bring harmony to the plate, he likes to combine technicality and simplicity in the service of his know-how.

On the plate you'll find the freshness of fresh produce, the scents of the maquis and seasonal products to which he pays particular attention.

Subtle combinations in a new setting promise unforgettable experiences.

Cave à Vin

Another wonderful surprise for 2023: a resolutely modern wine cellar.
A space dedicated to special tastings that can also be transformed into a conference room.

Gastronomic Restaurant

La Verrière

Slow down and take the time to savour every moment, with cuisine that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

On the plate, each element makes sense, each flavour harmoniously and delicately composes this cuisine, bringing a special emotion to every bite.

Feel the full energy of the sea, sand and sun of the Isle of Beauty through gastronomic Mediterranean cuisine.

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